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Global Gateway e4

More payment options. Simpler integrations. Stronger security. Global proficiency. All backed by our results-proven expertise.

Our next-generation online payment gateway solution allows access to the safest and most reliable online shopping experience while increasing revenue, reducing cost and minimizing risk.

The First Data Global Gateway e4SM solution is an easily integrated payment gateway that helps merchants in building a smarter, safer, and more effective payment strategy.  The Global Gateway e4 solution provides multiple interface options based on what’s best for their business. 

For larger merchants it provides another integration point into the processing platform while eliminating the need to code directly to the processing platform, and simplifies their business model by consolidating all services with a single payments provider.

Real-Time Payment Manager (RPM)

  • An online virtual point of sale option that requires no software installation and allows businesses to begin accepting payments quickly

Hosted Checkout

  • A First Data hosted solution that allows payment integration into a business website, with a range of development interfaces designed to suit nearly every level of IT development expertise

Web Service API

  • Allows for a seamless customer experience by integrating payment functionality directly into any website or custom built application, through a selection of preferred programming languages

Consider creating mutually beneficial partnerships between merchants who are web hosting companies and Ignite Payments. Referral partners earn residuals on credit, debit and gift card transactions for every merchant they refer, helping them grow their business and increase their bottom line. It's a win-win!

Why You Need It

Customizable Online Payment Solutions to Meet All Needs.

The Global Gateway e4SM solution closes the gap for merchant’s wanting a fully-featured payment gateway solution to easily enable payments on their website or in the mail order or telephone order environment.  Set-up is simple and seamless and links businesses of all sizes to a robust payment solution built on newer technology, that supports a range of payment necessities from simple to complex.  Ignite Payments offers a simple, reliable and secure payment gateway solution that meets online payment acceptance needs today and supports growth plans for tomorrow.

Easily Integrated Technology

  • Simple API’s and web-based interfaces to meet any level of programming skill
  • Extensive payment options and feature set accessible through a single interface
  • Broad range of shopping cart compatibility

Enables a simple and safe online shopping experience

  • Ability to offer traditional (Visa®, MasterCard®, Amex®, Discover®) and alternative payment (PayPal, TeleCheck® ECA® service) options through a single process
  • Secure and compliant payment gateway with redundant infrastructure and 24/7 availability
  • Retail support capabilities at the store POS (card swipe and printer)

Reliability and scalability to meet growth needs

  • Dependable processing capabilities to speed transactions and improve the flow of funds
  • Advanced technology and processing capabilities available to meet the demands of your business growth

Powerful & Secure

  • Set customized risk preferences to control which transactions are automatically approved or declined with powerful fraud mitigation tools like positive/negative lists. Available at no additional cost for all Global Gateway e4SM solution users
  • Enforce the frequency of transactions from specific IP addresses with advanced velocity controls. Available at no additional cost for all Global Gateway e4SM solution users
  • Protect card data and reduce your PCI scope with TransArmor® tokenization technology
  • Promote consumer confidence with built in payer authentication tools (3D Secure) and 24/7 availability

Advanced Reporting

  • Dynamic reporting capabilities to create and manipulate transaction reports to better analyze and understand payment activity
  • Vast array of search capabilities to locate any type of transactions with little to no background information

Dedicated Support

  • Comprehensive integration guides, user instruction, test account access and online support tools to simplify every step from integration to reporting and analytics
  • Direct, 24/7 access to a dedicated merchant support team to expedite issue resolution

Competitive Edge

The new First Data Global Gateway e4SM solution is a highly competitive payment gateway solution for businesses wanting a broader set of processing capabilities, a more intuitive user-interface, greater reporting capabilities and simplified integration, documentation and processes. The Global Gateway e4 solution helps businesses easily accept card-not-present payment transactions through a safe, secure and reliable payment gateway solution with advanced functionality. Through multiple interface options, the Global Gateway e4 solution is easily integrated by companies to utilize in the best way for their business.

Global Gateway e4 solution is a strong new addition to the Ignite Payments product offering that competes effectively with the leading internet payment gateways in the market through a set of key capabilities:

Key Capabilities Key Merchant Benefits

TransArmor® Multi-Pay Token

Credit card numbers are replaced with tokens which can be stored and resubmitted on future transactions. TransArmor is a strong security solution which dramatically reduces PCI concerns.

Multi-Currency/Global processing support

Through Global ePricing and Global Merchant Acquiring solutions, the ability to expand  eCommerce business to international markets and process in more than 140 currencies around the world.

Multi-location administration and reporting

The Real-time Payment Manager web user interface provides a consolidated view across the entire business organization through a single administrative sign-on. Also enables locations to be set-up with a flexible hierarchy and reporting access at the outlet, corporate or chain level.

Alternative Payments: PayPal and TeleCheck®

Support for additional payment types to help merchants meet the growing demand of customers seeking alternatives

Level II/III processing

Global Gateway e4 solution supports both Level II and Level III processing for business-to-business purchase card transactions. These transactions qualify for lower interchange and provide additional data to report to buyers.

Recurring Payments

Set-up, maintain and process recurring billing programs right from Global Gateway e4 solution. Supports a wide range of billing frequencies and a web user interface for loading new consumers and payment details to a recurring plan. The Hosted Checkout interface enables consumers to enroll in a payment plan on the merchant’s web site.

Flexible Batch Processing Options

Global Gateway e4 solution makes it easy to upload batch files right from a PC or network drive. The Real-time Payment Manager’s web user interface enables the ability to load .csv files, process batches and get immediate authorization results online.

Advanced Fraud Mitigation Tools

Negative/Positive Lists, Velocity Controls and AVS/CVV2 Filters to help reduce risk of loss from fraudulent transactions. These tools are included with the gateway at no additional cost to merchants and require no additional integration.

What it does*

First Data offers a simple, reliable and secure payment gateway solution that meets online payment acceptance needs today and growth plans for tomorrow.

Advanced Functionality

  • Credit/Debit Card Acceptance
  • Simple Batch upload processing interface
  • PayPal Integration
  • Level II/III Processing
  • International Payment Processing
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Advanced Fraud Mitigation Tools
  • Velocity Controls
  • TeleCheck® Internet Check Acceptance® service
  • TeleCheck® Checks by PhoneSM service
  • Remote Pay PPD
  • AVS/CVV Processing support
  • Payer Authentication - 3D Secure
  • Retail Support (card reader and receipt printing)
  • TransArmor (multi-pay token functionality)
  • Real-time, dynamic reporting capabilities
  • Integrated Recurring Billing (fixed and variable amount)
  • Customizable Receipts
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Soft Descriptors
  • Multi-language Capability (English, French, Spanish)

Merchant Benefits

  • Single source relationship for gateway and processing (no third parties)
  • Simplified gateway integration with extensive, dedicated support
  • Flexible integration points to meet demands of any size or type of business
  • Intuitive user-interface to simplify business and payments management
  • Extensive, real-time reporting capabilities
  • Hosted payment pages and tokenization capabilities to significantly reduce PCI compliance requirements
  • Retail swipe capabilities for multi-channel merchants to consolidate payment acceptance through a single solution

Integration and Support

  • Online and offline support to provide merchants direct, easily accessible information to simplify integrations and address questions
  • Knowledge Base serves as the central online resource
    • Product updates and announcements
    • Integration guides and technical documents
    • FAQs and reference material
    • Video demonstrations and tutorials
  • Updated APIs and programming languages and sample code for easier and faster integration
  • 24/7 dedicated live support to expedite issue resolution


Knowledge Base »

Knowledge Base serves as the central online merchant resource

  • Product updates and announcements
  • Integration guides and technical documents
  • FAQs and reference material
  • Online Support
  • Video demonstrations

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